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Drug Addiction Recovery, Treatment and Counseling Resources

Are You or Someone You Know Suffering from Drug Abuse and Addiction?

We’ve listed some links and contact information below for several drug abuse recovery, treatment and counseling resources. These are just a few drug addiction recovery companies out of hundreds available. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, please consult your doctor or try searching online. For medical emergencies, please call 911.

Crystal Oertle’s Resource: UMADAOP of Mansfield

Crystal’s Personal Experience with Mansfield, Ohio’s UMADAOP

I’ve been fortunate to have my recovery at Mansfield’s UMADAOP (Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program). At first, after joining their program, most clients are required to take Early Recovery Skills classes for a month before moving on to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). However, when I first started, I was required to attend three IOPs a week for three hours each time. More specifically, an IOP is a group session with your peers. In the group, we learn tools for our recovery, such as what our triggers are, how to stop them, and how to stop cravings.

Dennis Baker Executive Director of Mansfield UMADAOP
Dennis Baker, Executive Director of Mansfield UMADAOP
During our treatment at UMADAOP of Mansfield, recovering addicts are also required to attend at least one individual session with our counselor each month. Most of the counselors are either a recovering addict or affected by a family member who is an addict, and personally, I think it’s comforting if the recovery staff understands what you’re going through from firsthand experience. There is also a medical staff on-site to help monitor our blood pressure, weight and other vitals. The counselors and medical staff work in conjunction with the clients so there is less chance of an addict’s relapse. It makes recovery honest, and honesty is a crucial part for success.

Mansfield UMADAOP starts clients out slowly to help ease them into the process. You only get a one-week prescription at first then over several months of doing well, they transition you to a one-month supply. The same happens with IOPs. After a while of making good progress, you are allowed to attend less per week. Eventually, you get moved into Facing Addiction which is the last group session program. This course provides more detailed information about what addiction is and how to move on to a healthy life.

The facility at Mansfield UMADAOP is great and always expanding. They have about 4 buildings associated with their programs. They also have separate men’s and women’s sober living houses with another women’s house about to open. That’s one of many reasons why I love this organization. They’re working hard to acquire more services to help the lives of addicts in the surrounding communities. Contact them today if you or someone you know in the Mansfield or Richland County area is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

Mansfield UMADAOP

400 Bowman St., Mansfield, Ohio 44903
Phone: 419-525-3525

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